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Thanks Jane and Claudia for bringing this issue up. I’ve had a lot of problems with choice, due to having to follow a restricted diet anyway. Even though I can accept that it’s choosing to eat healthily for me, I have plenty of issues around feelings of deprivation in the present moment, when confronted with ‘forbidden’ foods, especially if others around me are eating them. My go-to response to all this deprivation and feeling locked in, for years, has been to overeat on healthy foods. It’s still overeating. It’s still happening because I don’t feel I have a choice. And it’s still unhealthy.

On another note, however, I had adopted an anti-inflammatory diet recently, based on the Mediterranean diet, and caused myself some problems with gallstones and the liver: A&E problems leading to scans and medications and awaiting a diagnosis. Kicking out most carbs and substituting them with healthy fats and oils (mostly olive oil) is supposed to be the best approach to healing inflammation, and boosting the immune system. Unless you’re me… it seems. Just thought I’d raise it, as I am now coming round to thinking that going too strict on anything – at least for me – seems to cause as many problems as I hope to solve.