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Bev G

Over several years, I have tried to work with my overeating, using the ‘Eating Less’ book. Although I grasped it intellectually, I found it hard to implement it by myself . I often fell into all the traps ie not recognising my free choice, feeling deprived, rebellious eating etc etc and then pretty much gave up on changing my behaviour.

It’s been so great to join this course and forum. Before the course started, I read Ditching Diets. That and the webinars so far have made me realise how much Gillian has developed the basic concept since I bought the book (in 2004) and how much more research and information there has been about the whole subject of addictive eating, so whole new vistas of self-understanding are opening up for me. I am also prepared to do the work for myself, of course.

It was very helpful to learn about the neurological relationship between the limbic system and the LDPC, ie that they can’t both operate at the same time. I was gobsmacked to learn that the LDPC doesn’t become fully functional until one’s twenties. That knowledge has helped lift some of the self-blame from my shoulders about how much I’ve struggled to control my overeating. (I don’t mean to go into helpless addcitve ‘I can’t help it, it’s my limbic system’ thinking, but I think it was such a useful piece of information, as part of understanding how I developed overeating behaviours.)

But the big realisation I got during yesterday’s session was on a more emotional level, ie that I REALLY DON’T HAVE TO DO IT PERFECTLY! I feel the penny finally dropped on that and it felt so freeing. No doubt I’ll fall back into that ‘all or nothing’ trap at some point, but now I have had that experience of an alternative way of thinking about my eating, I’m hopeful I will be able to recall it when needed.

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