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Thanks, Gillian,

You’ve nailed the situation – thank you. It is so unconscious. I’m no fan of preparing food and my brain is usually fried from work so my PFC is definitely offline. When I think of it, the monotonous munching is almost a way of getting out of my head.

So here is what I thinking about:

I like the idea of taking a finite amount of time – perhaps 3 minutes where I practice thinking through the desire.

And before I even go to the kitchen, I am going to choose whether to where a mask or not (mandated here so mine is never far away) for a few minutes. I’ll make that choice before going into the kitchen.

And I like the idea of even addressing this behavior not being an all or nothing thing. Now I feel a whole lot freer (noticing “I have to stop picking” thoughts were there).

Plenty to go on here – it would be great if I could tone down my picking in the kitchen. I’ll come up with my reasons why.