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Yes, I can see how this got difficult for you Judith. The main thing is that you’re thinking in terms of replacing “I won’t regain my weight” with “I will regain my weight”. How about considering, “I could regain my weight” in the sense of, “I might and I might not”.

The purpose here is to develop a strong sense of free choice. From that place, it’s fine to continue to make the choices you really do want to live with. “I won’t regain my weight” is like saying you’ve already made one choice to eat less and it will last for ever. So you no longer have the freedom to overeat, to make stupid, bad, unhealthy choices.

When I ran my stop-smoking course, I had clients telling themselves “I might return to smoking, and I might not.” Feelings of deprivation evaporate.

I’ll talk about the scoring in the webinar. I can delete your comment at 3.6 if you want to reconsider and post another. Or, just post another.