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Hi Alex,

Gillian told us something that put my feet on the ground in the last edition of the course (May 2020).

She drew on a metaphor with two different-color pens. I will try to explain it with the coronavirus pandemic.

Today you only have two options: socializing with family & friends but accepting a high risk of infection OR locking down at home until a vaccine is available. Yes, you will lower the chances of getting infected but so will your social relationships.

Each of us has to make up our minds to decide where we find the balance between socialization and self-healthcare. It is what it is. We cannot assist in a massive concert with no infection risk today.

So it’s more or less the same with (binge) eating. You can binge whenever you want but you’ll have to accept the downsides in doing it or else, stop binge eating and refrain from the short-term pleasures you may find in it.

I am still angry sometimes and I question why things work this way. In my case, I tell myself that this is reality and I have to mature and accept it. Also, I find useful thinking that I am fooling myself by believing there’s any real pleasure in binging or overeating.

I hope I’ve got across my point clearly enough (English is not my native language).

Trust yourself 😉