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Hi Jessica

Thanks for this excellent question. I’ll be exploring this issue in more detail in the Webinar for Week 4 later today, so it will be good for you to see that.

Briefly, I do understand the fear and resistance you feel to giving yourself the freedom and permission to eat too much sugar. First, understand that there is a real downside to your prohibitive thinking: a craving that’s “an incessant drum beat in my head” and you “can’t focus on anything else”.

A good clue to the way forward for you is that “sometimes just making the decision to obtain the food I’m craving will give me relief”. So, in other words, it eases up as soon as you give yourself free choice (remove the prohibition). In the past, that removal of prohibition has always led to the overeating you want to stop doing – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Removing the prohibition leads to free choice; it doesn’t necessarily lead to overeating.