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Hello Jane, hello Judith, I am not in the current course, but have completed Gillian’s course (twice) and worked with her books too.

I drop into the forum every so often, and it sounds as if you are making great progress in your thinking. What a great insight into mindset Jane – you don’t have to be ‘that overeater’!

One thing I found really helpful was the day I realised that the choices were to eat, or to feel the desire to eat without satisfying it (rather than ‘choosing not to eat’).

For me, making a choice ‘not to eat’ something was too close to restricting myself, whereas making a positive choice to experience the discomfort of desire was much more like healing my relationship with food. As soon as I started to think about it in that way, the feeling was nowhere near as bad as I had feared.

I still get addictive desire sometimes, and I welcome it. It’s not so bad or scary, and I always have a choice about whether to satisfy it by eating, or to let it rise and fade. And If I satisfy it occasionally, I am ok with that – my life, my choice!

It’s been great reading about everyone’s progress. I am pretty much where I want to be with eating, after 60+ years of struggling with food urges and dieting. Good luck everyone! You are so right about what we could achieve Judith – Gillian has put this amazing material together, and if you put the time and effort in, it really does get you to a very different place.