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Bev G

Hey, Jane Judith Louise,

Thanks so much for all your thoughts on this.

It sound as though you had a real insight, Jane and your story of your major shift is very inspiring for me. The image I have is of you bursting, hulk-like (!) out of a restrictive suit ie your self image of being a compulsive eater and the resignation and sense of powerlessness associated with that. Quite ironic really, as we have so often been given the message that we need to be physically smaller. Maybe we will, each in our own way, learn how to be BIGGER!

Louise, your thoughts about choosing to feel the discomfort of an AD to eat chimes with something I’ve been thinking about. I first came across Gillian and her approach when I did her Stop Smoking course. That was in 1995, although I didn’t finally stop until 99, when I truly embraced and applied her methods. The stopping smoking course really stressed the need to experience the discomfort of the AD, as that was the only sure way not to ‘return to smoking’. I was just today thinking I had not noticed that Gillian was emphasising that so much on the ELO course (though maybe she has and I’ve simply missed it).

Anyway, today I had the realisation (again !) that the only alternative to eating addictively is to experience, in that very moment, my addictive desire – and trust that it will play itself out, nothing terrible will happen and that the more I ‘let it in’ rather than responding to it by overeating, it will eventually take up less and less of my energy. It’s so cheering to hear you say ‘I am pretty much where I want to be with eating’, as it holds out the prospect that I’ll be able to say that for myself, too, if I keep on putting these things into practice. (It’s so different, too, so much more down to earth than all that ‘Rah rah rah – I’ve reached my ‘ideal’ weight’ ‘Ermintrude dropped 5 dress sizes’ etc etc, of the slimming industry con merchants!!!)

And Judith, thanks for sharing your insights and your enthusiasm. You’re so right about those exciting brain-change moments, in amongst the steady progress stuff. I really enjoy your live comments during the webinars, too.