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Thanks Gillian I’ll check that out.
I know i feel better and I have found that I sleep much better when I eat healthier home cooked foods…less additives/sugars i suspect.
And I found a little extra motivation while I was steaming brocoli …i had fond memories of my mother who ate it almost daily..and I felt she would be proud of me!!
I haven’t binged since the first week or so of the course. its been a huge part of my life at times..I can go weeks of just bingeing…ice cream, packages of cookies or anything i have in the house!
When i did binge i had all the excuses..just this once, I’ll be better tomorrow, once its gone I won’t buy it again, I NEED it, etc……BUT I would end up buying the things by talking myself INTO it!!!
I’m concerned it may start again…so I avoid those aisles in the store..I’m not sure thats a good way to avoid binging! i tell myself I have freedom of choice…but I think it might be a slippery slope for me.
Thank you for the course..and with the ability to review the course work for a year will be very helpful.