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In a strange way the choosing not to buy foods works both ways for me. I have loved discovering that I have freedom of choice regarding bringing certain foods into the house. Just because the standard household might have certain foods in the house it doesn’t mean that I have to have them in the house. So choosing not to have foods that are unhealthy in the house really helps me not mindlessly eating them.

But when it comes to foods I really do like, but would prefer to eat less of, I have found that it is useful to have just a small amount of the food in the house. For example, trying to eat less apples because they give me such bad digestion, it seems to help more if I have one apple in the house. Then, for me, I know that I do, in fact, have the choice to eat an apple if I wanted to. If I have no apples around, it seems to set up that craving and depravation and an “apple binge” the next time I go to the supermarket.

My ultimate goal, a long way down the road, is to have a bit of just about every food I would ever want to eat in the house. Then I am free to choose them, but choose not to. I can do that already with some foods. For others, I really have to leave them in the store right now – nuts, for example. But my long term goal is to have these foods in the house and know that I am in control of whether I eat them or not.

Not sure this make sense but thanks for the thread!