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Okay, Guadalupe, thanks for this info about the food. The significant part is that it’s all highly addictive: processed carbohydrates, and especially sugar – the pizza and the sandwich bread probably contain sugar, btw.

There’s a lot to explain, and I’ll start the webinar for Week 6 with more on this as it’s a common problem for many people.

But for now, I expect it’s an issue around motivation. You say for example, that eating two is “enough for now” but given that we’re talking about very addictive things, it’s easy for the addictive desire to over-ride that, so that “just one more” or “just one and a half more” seems reasonable. Why not? What’s really the difference between eating two and eating three and a half? Does it really matter that much?

I speak from my own experience here! I would regularly eat an entire packet of cookies because I was not able to see any motivation not to eat three after I had eaten two… and not to eat a fourth after I had eaten three…and so on.

What I did was to make an “all-or-none” choice about the whole packet. I did that at the shops and began by buying the packet less often. So I ate the whole thing, but less and less frequently.

As I said, more on this in the webinar.