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I think I get this now.

I was going to ask a question around how to plan my progress steps. One hugely helpful thing I’ve found on this course has been the realization that I only need to take baby steps i.e. I don’t need to get it all right first time in every area of my eating and that I won’t be “fighting” the desire every minute of the day.

But then being a planner by nature, I planned each of those baby steps one after the other (When I get step one down I move onto step 2 etc etc). As I have learned that has led to an all or nothing mindset and a lack of choice.

Really, for me, the biggest thing is learning to practice working with and accepting my addictive desire – I want to build that muscle. If I understand what you are saying its like I could learn that skill by focusing on one behavior one week, and by focusing on another behavior another week. I get that!

Thanks, Gillian. There is such an incredible amount of subtlety in all of this choice stuff. Or maybe it isn’t subtle at all but I am not used to seeing where I deny choice in my life. It is like I need someone else to see it for me still at times.

This course is mind-blowing!