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Thanks as always – this is very helpful.

1. To answer your question, no, I am not planning to give up sugar. It’s not something I think would be sustainable for me and not something I even want to do – as I do enjoy baking, etc. I do aspire to get my daily intake down closer to the health guidelines. Also – a very large percentage of my daily sugar is from soda and, occasionally, juice, so that’s really what I’m focused on.

2. In terms of managing my addictive desire for soda and juice, it is very linked for me with hyper palatable food (which is the other main AD that I want to work on, as I’ve discussed in other posts). I have an incredibly strong cue/expectation to pair hyper-palatable food with a sweet drink. In fact, I literally never drink juice or soda without food, it doesn’t occur to me. So my main goal is to work through and manage my desire for sweetened drinks with my meals and learn to drink water or at least tea, instead.

In the past when I have tried to change one of these bad habits, I tend to just switch to relying more heavily on the other. So I found myself just going round and round and not making real progress on my health. In hindsight, perhaps it’s because I was not really working through the addictive desire itself (this was all prior to taking this course) and was just switching back and forth between bad habits in order to sidestep my addictive desire?

So I have thought about your advice to find the thing the for me that most induces fear . . . and the “scariest” thing for me is a regular meal at home, with water. That would bring out very very high levels of AD!! Especially if I had to face that for an entire day with no planned treats for later on. So maybe that’s what I should try in small doses (per the plans technique)?

And I have vowed to just give this all a go – even without a perfect plan (which is hard for me!) and knowing that I probably won’t get it right, but that I will just try to work through my AD as often as I can and see where that gets me.