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Hi again! I apologize for being so long-winded about this, but I think I had a bit of a breakthrough when thinking this through last night . . .

I have been defining my addictive desire very narrowly – as in, I have an addictive desire for soda and a separate addictive desire for eating out. But then I fall into the trap where, when I purposefully work on just one of those at a time, I end up satisfying my AD through alternate means and am not really working through it.

When I define my AD more broadly – as a desire for an exciting meal (one with at least one of the following: soda, fast food, or something hyper-palatable), it becomes more clear that in order for me to bring out my AD effectively, I need a meal that has none of those things. Just a regular meal, at home, with water.

So I am going to try a “times” technique with this. I will mark down at least 1 meal a day to have a regular meal with water and give myself 1 hour before I would consider satisfying my AD for something else.

Thanks so much for helping me sort through all this!!