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Hi Bora Lee

Yes, I have a few things to say and do let me know if you want me to explain more about any of this:

1. Perhaps part of this is that you are both very stressed and hungry (in need of food although you may not feel hungry) so see if you can eat something as soon as possible, for example on the way home. Before it feels like a crisis, preferably.
2. Have healthy foods available for these situations, with no prep needed. Fat is highly satiating, so cheese, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, plain full-fat yoghurt, etc are great. Any protein would be good too. I guess your addictive desire wants carbs “for energy”?
3. At these times, maybe don’t rely too much on your PFC so have your low-carb snack foods ready and waiting, ear-marked for this occasion.
4. I bet the “not tired enough to sleep well” is in fact too stressed to sleep well. Eating is fine (as above) but anything else to reduce stress will make a huge difference.
5. The schedule you’ve described is over-the-top tough, so see if you can find anything at all to delegate.