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Hi Jane, I so agree that baby steps are the way forward. I’m still making little changes, 18 months in, even though I am pretty much where I wanted to be with my eating. So my latest change is stepping up the variety of vegetables I eat – a positive change!

Just a suggestion that may help, what I did was to watch or listen to the course webinars at every possible opportunity- my favourite was having Gillian on my tablet while doing the ironing, but I also played the webinars through headphones while walking my dogs, washing up, and in bed at night when I couldn’t sleep. One thing that’s handy is that you can slightly speed up the audio using the little cog on the bottom right of the screen. Just the other day I listened to one of the q&a webinars instead of watching the TV in the evening. For a long time, I also did the written exercises most days. Just the other day, I used the mp3 player when I got a really strong desire after eating a particularly yummy (and healthy!) evening meal.

There’s something about hearing Gillian explain things over and over again that changed my brain and deepened my understanding. Every time I listen, I pick up a different nuance. The q&a are great too, because you hear things explained in a different way again because of people’s questions. I really recommend using the materials at every opportunity.

It might even be that ‘Oh, I’ve finished the course now’ could be your sneaky addictive mindset justifying holding back on the changes you want to make. And whenever I feel that maybe I am being a bit over the top in listening to the webinars again, I remind myself that it has worked.

Best wishes and good luck – you have already come a long way in just noticing your triggers, and that’s massive!