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Hi Louise,

Thanks for your feedback and I loved your post on dealing with desire that made so much sense to me. The thing about AD is it isn’t even as uncomfortable as an itch, it is a much less specific and generalised discomfort.

With regard to motivation, it is not that I don’t think that this is as important as choice and desire, I think it is vital. I also think it is my super power as once I set my mind to something nothing and no one gets in my way. My friends called me Juggernaut Jude! But at the moment I don’t think that I really believe that I need non weight motivation mainly because my motivation to maintain my current size is incredibly powerful. I love the current version of myself, not just because I like fitting into normal sized clothes but because I love being able to run, to be able to walk up my beloved lakeland fells, to feel strong and to have loads of energy. All of these are dependent on me staying slim and nothing is more important to me.

I certainly can accept the arguments Gillian has presented that non weight motivation is more powerful but that is not my experience to date. However, I do intend to review the whole of week 1 again as finding more reasons to eat less is not going to be a problem.