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Hi Gillian, thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it. I would like to clarify further though as my need to get things right ( aka as perfect 😉) is nagging at me.

On the motivation front, I definitely have both weight & non-weight motivation dictating what I eat. I tend to avoid sugar, refined wheat products and processed food as much as possible because I recognise that they are not good for me. I put sugar at the top of my list because I don’t want to get diabetes nor put myself a greater risk of getting dementia. I eat a mainly whole plant based diet about 85% with a bit of chicken, oily fish, eggs and some yoghurt, again for health reasons ( I read Michael Greger’s book How not to die.) My husband and I cook all of our food at home from scratch, make our own sourdough bread, yoghurt and grow our own organic vegetables. But maintaining my weight is still the more powerful driver.

From the course I thought I needed to change this so that the non-weight benefits were more important and powerful. Are you saying that for me you don’t think that this is necessary?

As an aside now that I have a normal BMI it is STILL challenging to climb my fells. But I love it and it feeds my non religious soul. Wanting to climb them was an important motivator for me lose my weight in the first place.

Kind regards