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Louise, thank you again for your feedback. The way I see it is that the number on the scale in itself it is not important, it is much more about what it means I can do. If all I cared about was the number and fitting in my jeans then I know I would never have maintained my weight loss as well as I have. I definitely fight to be able to run keeping pace with my friends and to walk my fells. To do this I not only maintain my weight but I do strength workouts ( which I don’t particularly enjoy) to build leg and core strength so that I keep injuries to a minimum.

But I know that when I am in the throws of an AD it the most often the number on the scale that I want next day that influences whether I choose to feed or feel the desire. Not always, but most of the time. I have chosen to have a salad over a sandwich for example because sometimes the bread makes me feel bloated, and after eating a slice of buttercream extravaganza (aka as birthday cake) and suffering a major sugar high I definitely intend to body swerve ‘foods’ like that in the future.

So I definitely intend to work on my non weight motivation and would be interested in hearing how your thoughts changed in this area as you progressed through the course. Can you remember what made you choose to feel the AD at the beginning versus now.

Thanks again.