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Thanks, Judith,

Yep, I am working through the lifestyle issues as much as I can, ironically, using some of the choice principles that Gillian has taught us. I don’t want to rationalize my eating with “I don’t have time to tackle this problem” but I do need to carve out a bit of time to learn the basic concepts and be awake enough to care. So some time is needed but then, after that, how much time does it take to practice working through one urge a day – my current practice goal.

So I am trying to find balance in work as best as I can, or at least plan for it. And trying to find the balance in family obligations as best as I can too by recognizing that I have choices and there are consequences to those choices. So recognizing that my daughter is having a hard time, and she is only going to be living at home for a year and a half, I might choose to put some of my needs on the back burner for now. But recognizing that is a choice that I make and one that has consequences. Same with work: I work for myself and generally enjoy it but one major project is too little, two is doable, three and I have no time for anything else. So how can I put myself in the position to control my work flow (that is usually in someone else’s hands but there are ways and means to nudge things a bit). All choices that are in my control.

Except regarding my cat, who rules our house. Life is miserable if I don’t feed her exactly when she wants. She believes every meal is her last and she is just about to starve – so much for the concepts of intuitive eating, which have never worked in any way, shape or form for me.

Thanks for sharing – it is good to have reminders that I can’t do it all, or I can, but there will be consequences,