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Thanx for sharing Jessica and beeing so specific about it -it will help me sharing my hurdels/things that I’m stucking with.

I’ve reduced my diet coke and juice consumption to very few occations a year from having it every day.
Now when I’m in the shop and ‘crave’ for it – I am able to see it as an information to myself which tells me ‘oh something is up’ or ‘oh my brain remebers my past’. I gave up smoking, after having smoked for 20 years dayly, regulary and at times two packs per day.

Funnylly enough – my brain tells me constantly ‘yes Daniela you gave up soda and cigaretts but you can’t give up overeating’.
I have prove that I can change my habits. And I will start reminding me of it. Thanx again Jessica for your posts – otherwise I wouldn’t have written and thought these things about myself.