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Hi Daniela

I can relate to that – when I feel frustrated with work,or cross because there’s too much to do, I get a very strong addictive desire. I know it’s addictive, because often I’ve just eaten and so it can’t be hunger.

For me, it’s a mindset thing – feeling angry triggers thoughts of eating, because in the past I used to eat to soothe myself if I was angry. Now, I still get frustrated and cross with work sometimes, but I expect to feel an addictive desire – that’s just my brain finding an excuse to eat addictively. Mostly, I work through it, and working through includes the option to satisfy the desire by eating. On the rare occasions when I do choose to eat, it’s invariably a lot less and healthier than it used to be, and it doesn’t lead to several days or even weeks ‘off the wagon’, so it helps to remember there is always a choice too.