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Oh yes I saw Topic 9 and I found Burkemans article very very interesting. I will work with your practical suggestion, because this is what I want. To eat only a certain amount so that I am at peace with myself afterwards.

Can I ask you a question about the mentioned in one of the Webinars that you had the goal not to eat it for one Week. So you tried it and now you can not even remember when the last time was.

I was wondering if you felt locked in because you made a future goal and thats a commitment kind of or? You did not let the future wide open or?
So if I am trying to say I don´t want to eat any sweets the whole week, I´d feel locked in. It takes my freedom of choice away..

Or did you do it and told yourself over and over that you still can have it? It is just an experiment?

Thanks in advance Gillian and best Greetings