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I so enjoyed reading that Gillian – I love hearing about your journey. I did the same with my weekend ‘treat’ of croissants and jam for breakfast on a Sunday. One weekend, I just tried doing everything the same, the same ritual, except with a cooked breakfast of scrambled eggs and spinach instead. I thought ‘I’ll just see how that feels’. And it was fine – I enjoyed it, and I didn’t miss the croissants part of the day at all, in fact I felt more energetic. So I carried on with that, but I can go back to eating croissants any time I like, or have one occasionally.

I think a big thing is that I am not fearful of going back to croissants permanently – I can do that, but I increasingly feel that it isn’t likely to happen, because I am happy and ok with a cooked breakfast. I wouldn’t really want to go back to the croissants.

Elena, I have also found that my taste has changed, and when I do satisfy the addictive desire with a small amount of something with sugar, I don’t really enjoy it. And I remember that the next time I feel an addictive desire for something sweet.