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Me too, I really enjoyed reading it! And I will practise it the next weeks. I guess I was not clear enough how much sweets I am at peace with and work through my desire for more if it kicks in.

“I didn’t ever predict whether I would eat one or not” is such a powerful statement for me and I will work on that.

Thanks Louise for your comment as well. What do you mean your taste has changed? I do realise that having a small amount of sth I used to binge on is often not worth it, because it only makes “fun” when you exaggerate. Is this what you mean?

If it is too hart to have sugar in moderation, do you think it makes sense to quit for good? I mean people who smoke or drink can not enjoy the drug in moderation as well. But I guess we can not compare it?
I often thought I am a Sugarholic eating sweets over and over again would make the desire not go away. But I think the real work for me will be to learn having it considerably less. So that I can enjoy it here and there.