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Hi Elena, I think it helps to be specific about what you eat or desire that contains sugar, as unlike cigarettes, it’s hard to eliminate all sugars, which come in several forms.

What I did was to work through my AD for specific things that contained a lot of sugar, like particular chocolate bars or specific sweets that I ate a lot of. So I was definitely going for total abstention on them. Where I would always buy a coconut Bounty bar whenever I filled the car, that was one of the first behaviours I addressed, by working through that. It doesn’t even occur to me to buy chocolate at the petrol station now. So it was one very specific thing that I wanted to change.

Later on, I cut out processed cakes, again specific ones that I tended to overeat. And then I worked on eliminating pretty much all processed food, which often has hidden sugar. So I always cook for myself now, make my own sauces, take packed lunches etc. Much nicer – lockdown made that easy because everywhere was shut anyway!

That left me with very occasional sugar, so for example, I use a tablespoonful of honey or molasses in my homemade bread, sometimes have a little bit of agave syrup or coconut sugar on yogurt or in porridge, sometimes accept a chocolate if I’m offered one, and sometimes eat haturally sweet fresh or dried fruit. But I keep a sort of mental note of that so that I don’t overeat those things – sort of ‘Oh I had dried apricots earlier today already, perhaps I will have them another time instead’.

I hope that helps! Doing it gradually like that has meant I didn’t feel under a lot of pressure, but that I was making the changes I wanted to see.