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If it is too hart to have sugar in moderation, do you think it makes sense to quit for good? I mean people who smoke or drink can not enjoy the drug in moderation as well. But I guess we can not compare it?
– There are addictions such as sex and shopping where abstinence would not be a reasonable long term strategy. If you want to abstain I wouldn’t want to insist you eat sugar. However, eating less of it is a skill you can learn, and you cannot learn it while abstaining. If you “quit for good” and then eat some sugar you are likely to relapse big time.

I often thought I am a Sugarholic eating sweets over and over again would make the desire not go away. But I think the real work for me will be to learn having it considerably less. So that I can enjoy it here and there.
I suggest you review videos at 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3, as they cover the alternative to abstinence.