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Jasper G.

Hi Gillian, I’ve just watched that part of the video again.
1) Are you implying that suggested calorie intakes are inaccurate? I find it’s a good guide and when I do it, works for me very well. I have maintained a BMI of 19-20 for 4 years by calorie counting and feel the best I have ever been. I don’t eat rigidly every day but count the calories over a week. When I don’t calorie count I overeat.

2) “that’s a bit much, I’ll eat less next time” is this how we’ll be thinking by the end of the course ?

3) “It doesn’t have to be perfect” ” you can figure it out” “with approximate amounts” I think you are suggesting that deep down we all know how much/what we should be eating but for various reasons we don’t heed our own advice and prefer to follow instructions from someone else.