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Sophia G.

This is very interesting. For me, ‘less’ is getting closer and closer to what ‘normal eaters’ eat, their portion sizes, the amount of food on their plate. And The way a ‘normal eater’ (someone without food issues, lucky devils!) doesn’t mind being a bit hungry and will wait for their dinner, without having a snack, so they don’t ‘ruin their appetite’ as they might say. Amazing. So I want to have those ‘normal’ sized meals and portions, and much fewer snacks. It’s quite amazing to me how small sized their meals usually are. But that’s where I expect to be myself, when I eventually beat this addiction and issues that I have. I tried having a much smaller portion sized meal last night, and it was definitely smaller than what I would usually have gone for. But the look of the plate, the actual amount of food, would have looked the same to anyone else looking at it. So that’s what I’m aiming for, those smaller portions, and less often.