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Sophia G.

Hi Lesley and Sheelagh, I don’t know if this of complete relevance really, but I did the Atkins in the past, twice.. pretty successfully both times, especially the 1st time. And it was very good at reining in my appetite. BUT ultimately that was just my physical cravings that were reined in, not my addictions and longing for ‘other’ foodstuffs. Now I can’t bear to do a LC diet again, or any diet. I put on all the weight again and more. These ways of eating didn’t address my real issues at all, just like Gillian says. Perhaps it even just complicates things, tho it all seemed good while I was ‘successful’. One good thing is, I do remember the lovely feeling of lightness inside my body, when I was eating less on the Atkins, inside my belly I suppose, and I am trying to remember that lovely lightness in my motivation now to eating less.

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