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Hi! It happened the same to me when I´ve started the course for the first time in may. Maybe it happens because we see it as a diet, or a method to lose weight, the course in general. So it is how on a mental level we see it as that later we will restrict or control the overeating, so now I can eat, because “on Monday I start and I will do it perfect.”

I think it is super important to know that it is very likely that in the course for the 1st time we will only learn things but we cannot put much into practice, obviously this depends on each person, and I think in large part this depends on how attached to losing weight you are.
It’s like learning a language, you learn phrases, words and so on, but you can’t speak and understand everything after 6 weeks. I think this is the same, it is a learning process, in which something new is learned and internalized every day, a new way of thinking and seeing things. Even if we do not see the result in practice, we are starting to think different. And one very important thing is to forget the weight, the scale, the body. I never thought that this would be so relevant when it comes to putting what is learned here into practice.