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Hi Gillian and Sheelagh, Something similar happens to me sometimes.. I am learning to love my body in the size it is and with the kilos I have, I have watched documentaries and things about body acceptance, bodypositive, etc. And there comes that point, in which yes, I have stopped having several overeating behaviors, based on health motivation and not wanting to continue with those behaviors, for example eating alone in the car, or buying something and eating it because I’m bored or simply sad.

But I think that the desire to lose weight is still there, and I rebel against that because I want to accept and love myself, with the body I have; or am I afraid of losing weight?
It’s like a part of me wants to be slimmer, and another part wants to be fat and happy. So I have to keep working on downplaying body size.

Now I eat honey that I didn’t eat before … and we know it’s super caloric. So I do not know if I compensate the kcal that I remove on one side, and add them on the other. In a way of rebellion not to lose weight because I have to love myself that way, or I´m afraid, or I don’t know. I already made a mess hahaha
I will have to find motivation to lower my doses of honey if that behavior bothers me? and stop worrying about my bodysize and just let it be?