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Sheelagh M

Gillian, thanks, so after reading your response I think I have eating less 100% tied up with weighing less. I didnt think I did as i have so many non weight related benefits.. no reflux, less asthma, no feeling of discomfort, no reflux, no crashing mood etc etc. But when I’m in that body positive frame of mind I start to think eating less is just code for weighing less. And that that is the patriarchy wanting women to be smaller, take up less space, be quiet etc. And then my middle finger is up to it! So is the answer to really draw attention to the way i feel after i overeat/don’t overeat? I’m thinking to break the connection to conforming to someone else’s rules. So the ‘sense of accomplishment’ from eating less is that I don’t feel crap and that’s for ME not anyone else? I think I’m answering my own question here but its really helpful to type this out and discuss it. Hope that’s okay