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Sophia G.

Hi Sian, I’m having a good week too. I’m genuinely hopeful, think I’m getting a handle on it now. And I’ve done it before, before completely falling off the wagon. Then started having another go a few weeks ago using the Eating Less book, before joining the Course. I think it’s coming together now for me, that I have a much clearer handle on what to do, what to talk to myself about and how strongly. I suspect that what you are relating … “…. a familiar and comfortable feeling for me..’ is all about Habits, as you say in the title of your post. I find Habits extremely powerful, often EXTREMELY HUGELY Powerful really, and that is what we are working with here. No other suggestions really apart from, if this rings a bell with you too, to just look and recognise that for what it basically is. If it is. And habits are relaxing and familiar and comfortable, even the unhelpful ones often. I find, anyway. Also we’re not going to be 100% successful of course, so if you can watch some of Gillian’s videos again to remind you of the finer points, hopefully your snacking today won’t carry on too long. ! I’m going to go watch the videos again myself, now. Immerse myself. It’s so easy to forget the new ways when we’ve been implementing our unhelpful ways for so many years. God I know all about that.