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Hello! I’m glad it served you! It was also hard for me to stop thinking about losing weight, and to stop thinking that thin equals healthy. Because the truth is that it is not. If I start a crazy shake diet tomorrow, I will surely lose weight, but will I be healthier than I am today? Probably not. Because those radical diets, yes, they make you lose weight but that is not healthy. It’s just weighing less. You lose weight, which you do not maintain over time.

Try to start watching people in the street and think if you can say something about their health just by looking their body, no, we can´t. We can only say its fat, its thin. Nothing else.. And we don´t nothing about their health at all. I used to have a boyfriend that his body was the tipical fit instagramer with 6-pack and all that. And yes, if you see him and me at the beach, the one judged as “unhealthy” was me, because Im +20kilos. But the truth is that I was the healthy one, and he was the “unhealthy”, because he had diabetes 1 over 20 years, kidney and vision problems. So? I would like to have that body? No thanks, mine is healthier.

It is changing the way you see things, thin is not equal to healthy, and fat is not equal to sick. That is what the media, doctors and everything, society in general, make us believe every day; and that is what has led us to distort ourselves so much with the body, the image and the relationship with food.

It has helped me a lot to find information about body acceptance, body image, bodypositive, haes, all that. Also, I still want to lose weight, but my focus is not 100% on it. It’s like I balance the balance between weight and no weight motivation.