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Shems M

Thank you for sharing your experiences Sophia, Marta and Sian.

I can really relate to your experiences of the lightbulb moment!And how empowering to feel the big bad monster that we would perhaps go to great lengths to avoid facing can actually be something much smaller and more manageable.. Are you all finding that you have so much more headspace now that you are not spending so much time and energy either feeding or avoiding addictive desire? I know it’s early days but it’s definitely a non-weight outcome that I am really happy with.

Marta, I too stopped in my tracks to take in that particular idea of using the prefrontal cortex this way, I don’t think I’ll ever forget the moment I heard it!

Sian – Thank you for mentioning the Marc Lewis video I will try to look it up online.

Sophia – I am also enjoying taking opportunities to practice talking to my addictive desire. It’s becoming quite fun really – tempting it out from hiding, and then talking to it and watching it shrink – all while embracing freedom of choice. A good use of lockdown time I think 🙂

Gillian – Thank you for pointing out that it might not be a short lived experience for everyone. I have been doing this since Sunday evening and the first day or two it wasn’t easy at all, it was pretty challenging. I felt like I was having an internal tug of war, and I think the first time I did it the process kept coming and going throughout the evening so it was on and off for a couple of hours perhaps. I am finding the experience is becoming shorter each day, and today each time I’ve dealt with addictive desire it has been just a minute or two so far, like Marta described. I wonder if it will continue like this or if it will sometimes take me by surprise and be much stronger? I suppose I can only wait and see!