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Sophia G.

Thanks Carla, gr8 question, thanks for asking it! Very useful for me. I’m not used to looking at what’s really going on. And also I spend so much time longing for food, to a greater or lesser degree, that I don’t know what is my ‘base line’ physically. How much of my bodily feelings are just the feelings of having a body, and how much is desire or unsatisfiedness, or what? This is what I found when I looked at my addictive desire in the moment of strong desire, as we were shown in the recent videos. I found that some of what I always thought was a raging monster was just partly my base line anyway – I think. Maybe if I was more fulfilled and happy, and relaxed, my feelings would be ‘nicer’ anyway. And do my ‘general’ feelings influence my addictive desire? They are all part of me, my life, my habits. What do you advise, Gillian? And what do you all think, folks? I’m really glad you asked your Question, Carla, as it helped me formulate this thing that I’ve been churning around in my mind for a few days yet I didn’t know exactly what I was wondering about. It all gets confused, and if I can pinpoint things more exactly, am sure that would help me. (PS, when I mentioned that … ‘if I was more fulfilled and happy… etc’ – Well, just to say that I am definitely NOT associating my eating problems with emotional stuff or my sometimes sad history. I’m definitely not doing that. I know it’s just a long term bad habit, I’m clear about that. And we have all suffered. I strongly believe that we all have suffered – that’s life. So I’m not dragging all that into my eating difficulties. ) But if I can separate my mind’s base line from my addiction and desire, I think that’d help. It must be possible, to at least some degree. Maybe I just need more practice.

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