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I’ll be interested to hear what others think Marta, but my own experience is that I went through a similar phase after about 5 months on the programme. I remember asking here on the forum about it.

On reflection and in the light of the comments of my fellow ELOers, I realised that this was just the technique working. I examined my mood for signs of compliance: those feelings described in week 2 of ‘being good’. Was I eating ‘perfectly’ and never making a mistake? No! Was I feeling sad or deprived? No. Did I still experience addictive desire – for sure! And most times worked through it.

Ultimately, over time, I learned to trust myself, to trust that I wasn’t in compliance. As time went on, and the expected rebellion didn’t emerge, I grew more and more confident that the changes I had made were lasting ones – just the way I eat now.

I’d also say that the changes themselves are not ‘all or nothing’. I believe that unlike short-lived diets, there is no ‘end state’, but an ongoing journey of improvement and better health. You say that some of the changes you made after reading Ditching Diets have stayed with you, and that you are not as perfectionist as you used to be. That in itself is a result, and it’s entirely possible that this latest feeling of unease is just your next step towards self-belief. 🙂