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Thank you Gillian for your response.
You are so right. I still have the should and should nots going through my brain. This comes from fear of weight gain and getting fatter. I’m not allowing myself to trust the process – I still believe I’ve not got a choice. I keep trying to believe and I give it lip service, but to actually believe is taking so much longer.
My responses to the Exploring Desire are so true. This week I was in a frenzy. I’d not bought any treat food when shopping. I’d deliberately made the choice to leave it and not buy it. But my limbic brain was going overboard craving sweetness. So my knee jerk responses I shared in answering the questions. I have to surrender to this eating less and move away from all Facebook ‘diet’ and ‘food’connections.
I’ll keep going over the course material and keep engaging in the forum with you and everyone else.
One thing I have got and that is the motivation – it’s mostly non-weight. Very much to do with my health. But there is resentment there – I still want to have my cake and eat it so to speak.