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Sophie, had to comment and say how brilliant your post is!

Caroline, as a practical tip, I found three things helpful for Non-weight Motivation:

1. writing down Non-weight Motivations most days – these changed from day to day and reflected how l was feeling, so it might be physical (oh, I haven’t had a migraine this week, or feeling more energised in the afternoon), emotional (I want to feel normal around food, or I feel much happier when I don’t overeat) and practical (at one point, I worked out how much I had spent on junk food and it was around £200 a month – so over £2000 a year, enough for a nice weekend break). And so on. But the important thing is that you have your own ideas about what is important.

2. Every time I thought about my weight, size or appearance – even just looking in the mirror to see if I had lost weight – I balanced that with a Non-weight Motivation. My mantra was ‘Weight is not my problem: overeating is’.

3. I wore the same, slightly baggy clothes every day – a series of long tunics and trousers with elasticated waistbands. No one ever commented on my weight loss, although people did say things like ‘oh you look really well’, or ‘your hair looks nice today’. I think I do look well, and it’s not because I have lost weight (although I have). Disguising it helped other people to notice my Non-weight benefits, instead of focusing on my size.

Finally, as Sophie says, there are three legs on this chair! You talk about how much you enjoy food, including unhealthy food, and that you feel deprived at the thought of having to give it up. But you don’t have to stop eating sugar,desserts, junk food etc. It’s your choice. If you don’t like the benefits of eating less,you can go back to the food you love, with all the consequences of that of course. And you can only decide on that choice in the moment when you feel the desire for that food.

I hope this helps a bit, but remember, it’s your choice and your reasons that matter. Good luck!