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Hi Caroline,
Thanks for your post. I totally understand your feelings that if food and having treats is taken away what will there be to look forward to and enjoy, especially during lockdown!

I have thought exactly the same as you for a long time. I have always said that come 7pm in the evening when my daughter has gone to bed it is my time to sit in front of the TV and relax and eat what I want because I deserve that and its the thing I enjoy and that helps me relax.

However, after doing this course once already and now for a second time its making me realise that if I am really honest with myself I am not sure that is really true. This course has helped me really dig into my motivations and its made me realise that whilst I enjoy TV I actually find its not stimulating enough and that’s why I have to eat at the same time.

The reason I say this is that realisation came as a shock to me because I really believed I enjoyed it. I think sometimes our brains can tell us we need to do something and its not always right. Its made me think that I need to try lots of other things to see if there is something I really enjoy. Something that may have me so absorbed in it that I don’t even think about eating!

Maybe there is a hobby or interest out there for you that you will enjoy more than eating.

Sorry for the long response. Just thought it might help.