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Teresa, I wonder if you are trying to do too much too soon? It sounds as if your ‘all-day breakfast’ is a rebellion against Times and Plans, but Times and Plans are tools, not rules 🙂

When I started with them, for example, I just set a couple of Times throughout the day, to help me establish three or four mealtimes a day ( I used to snack all day – no proper meals). I usually have two meals a day now, within an 8-hour window, which suits my lifestyle. It may be that a different arrangement suits you.

I didn’t do Plans until later, when I felt confident and happy with using Times. When I did introduce Plans, I just put a bit less on my plate, or decided – before I started eating – that I would not have a pudding this time. When I finished eating, that got my Addictive Desire going, but that was ok: I usually chose to work through it. Sometimes it was hard, sometimes I satisfied my desire, and suffered the consequences of course. Now when I make a meal,I still have a rough Plan in my head before I eat, which helps.

I think deciding what to eat us very much a matter of personal choice, information and experimentation. No one is here to tell you what to eat. I tried low carb and it didn’t suit me, although I eat less bread, pasta and rice than I used to. I was vegan (for 33 years!) but now I eat a small amount of very high-quality grass-fed meat and occasionally enjoy really good-quality cheese or cream. I just worked out what made me feel best, physically and emotionally, by trying things out, and noticing how I felt.