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Sophia G.

Hi Jasper, I just have to say, a trivial comment, but I just have to say – You said you used to be overweight, size 14.

God, I would give my right arm to be size 14 and I imagine most people here would too !! Size 14! Wow! If only… !

Also I wonder if you have something similar to body dysphoria. I realise that I did when I was younger, I don’t know for how long but maybe many years. I remember how fat and ugly I often thought I was.

But when viewing photos years later (including the few my mum succeeded in keeping safe, when I’d stolen and destroyed all the ones I could get my hands on) I realised I was actually nice looking and actually also even far slimmer than I’d thought.

Maybe body dysphoria is really common and like me maybe many people don’t even realise they’ve got it. I dunno. I know nothing about it actually.

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