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Penny B

Hi Teresa

Thank you for posting this – and well done you for stopping, posting and looking at how to do things differently.

I have a really strong tendency to be an impulsive ‘sprinter’ in life – find a new toy/idea/plan and fling myself into it (of course, as a sprinter it then doesn’t last long). This is what I’ve done with ‘diets’ in the past. What I am finding most challenging with Gillian’s approach, which I really feel deep down is the right one, is accepting a slow pace and small steps. It is interesting to notice how much rubbish my mind is throwing up to get in the way (oh it would be so much quicker if I…. I’d be so much healthier quicker if I (did a drastic ‘diet’). I’ve noticed that ‘DIET’ is an anagram of ‘TIED’ (just now!) and think I am indeed ‘tied’ to my sprinter way of being and need to start loosening the knots, Gillian-style.

Anyway that’s more than enough about me – all the best for picking back up with what was working and perhaps leaving times/plans for later if needed.

RE: stress – great tools to use if you can are exercise and mindfulness. I do Lucy Wyndham-Read’s YouTube walking workouts (15/20 mins), and short visualizations to help manage my stress. Hope it’s OK to say that on here.

Take care