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Sophia G.

Thanks very much, Gillian. Yes, I have been over-complicating things.

I’m doing pretty well generally, and just want to sort out my major addictive desire/patterns first. I’ll fine tune it later. Not Too much at once.

After an initial struggle, I have, I think, got to grips with the exercise, which is really just believing the truth at the end of the day. It seemed like a really hard thing to do, and a big step up from the previous exercises etc. But then after I thought it through and now they seem obvious truths

e.g. ‘I can carry on eating whatever I fancy and just quietly, undramatically accept being a slave to my addictive desire.’

‘I don’t have to stop eating and I can just keep buying new clothes whenever my size goes up enough that I need new clothes..” Can I ask you more about this one please? –
– I had thought that by making this option more palatable, i.e. thinking I could buy nice big clothes instead of dark sacks, this would help open up my mind enough so that I would see it as an Option and therefore make it more easy for me to see that option as well as the other option of not over-eating.

But after your comments, I’ll avoid that as it may just complicate things. Is that right? Keep the buying-new-clothes-option simple/nasty instead of making it more palatable?

I can keep it simple instead, and that will help me when there are some options with no bright side to them. Would you say that’s what you are advising, please? If I know the reasons behind things, it always helps me see things.

Thanks so much.

Thanks for your comment, Louise. I don’t think I was using those ‘positive aspects’ as justifications, but yes they certainly could be, especially the health angle of course, which I imagine is pretty popular with us all at times..!! … and certainly I’ve used it a lot in the past, whilst simultaneously definitely knowing really that I was conning myself. Think I won’t use that one as justification now, unless I slip a lot, which hopefully I won’t.