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Hi Gillian, thanks for clarifying. I think it is free choice when I fast as I don’t feel a need to snack more than usual when I break my fast.
Also , yes I do mean ‘times’ and sorry for any confusion, it doesn’t help me if I’m using the wrong words.
I think I have used facing my addictive desire when I stopped smoking many years ago. I didn’t realise that’s what I was doing and only did it sometimes. I developed the most terrible cough which was very painful so that I was scared to move, I knew that I had to stop smoking and whenever my addictive desire for smoking kicked in, I would face it and say to myself, you can smoke and the you will have that terrible cough or you can chose not to have it and you will be healthier! Sounds a bit like facing my addictive desire to me.
Anyway, although I’m getting muddled here and there, I want to thank you Gillian for clarifying things for me snd to say how glad I am that I’m doing this course, it is just what I need and I feel very positive about it. I love the way it is all based on science , there are physical reasons for why we do what we do and the science behind it is fascinating.
Thank you Gillian!

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