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“…I find that whenever I have no option to eat for whatever (external) reason, I do much better. That is the reason why I learned not to keep food at home…”
I also make this recommendation, but of course it only works up to a point. For one thing, we all need to keep some food at home and for another, you go out to a shop specifically to buy food to binge on.

“…I don’t really see that denying options or access to food causes rebellion.”
When you make a rule, you have two possibilities: to comply with it or rebel against it. These possibilities don’t happen together, at once.You do the compliance for a while and later on you do the rebellion, but they arise from the same rules. You seem to regard the first one as doing well and attribute the second to stress at work.

“I am also trying to work through my addictive desire, but when I’m under stress I just want to eat despite the consequences. I am aware of all the negative consequences, but they don’t stop me from binge eating.”
You have had problems with overeating for much of your life, so I do wonder if there has been non-stop stress all this time. There are three core themes here, that only work when put together, all three of them. You are very much missing the theme of free choice, so it’s not going to work for you.

“…I am thinking constantly about dieting and the fact that I have to lose weight. However I do not quite see the relation between thinking this and overeating. Other people think the same and they’re successful in dieting and losing weight.”
Long term success from dieting and losing weight is so poor it’s shocking. I’ve seen some people do this course, drop out and return to their diets, and then return here with new insights. If you really still think a diet will be the answer for you, maybe that’s what you will do. But you do say in your reply to Penny that diets only last a few days for you.

“…I feel quite frustrated, I don’t see the way out of this. Moreover I’m stressed at work and the situation won’t be any better in the coming months.”
I did mention (in Week 2) some research showing that dieting creates stress, which is something to consider. It’s the denial of free choice that leads to cortisol release (stress). In Week 5, available from Sunday, I explain how denying choice leads to a strong attachment to a mindset that appears to free you to overeat. At least to some extent, that may well be what’s going on with you here. Even though I do appreciate that work stress is tough to live with.