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Ciara Z

Hi Liz, Vee,
I’m completely in the same boat. I’ve been on diets most of my life, the first starting at age 12 as I was quite overweight. And since then it’s been a roller coaster of trying diets – succeeding for a few weeks and then breaking out, putting on weight again, and then starting afresh. I’ve given up on diets now because I hate restriction and this nearly exacerbates my binges. Even just having something ‘off plan’ sends me over the edge. My thinking is very black and white. I’d really love to change this. I try really hard to challenge it by having a piece of chocolate ‘off plan’ and trying not to lose the plot but every time it spirals out of control and I try to get everything in before I pretend to myself that I’m going to change tomorrow/Monday (the usual excuse eh?!). I’d love to be ‘normal’ and be able to have some dessert or one biscuit without obsessing about the rest of them in the press.
I too don’t know how to eat properly. I don’t feel satisfied until I’m stuffed. And if i’m not stuffed I feel deprived. I feel so vacant when I don’t eat loads. But then I feel awful after I overeat.
Intellectually I know what to eat to be healthy etc, but practicing that is a completely different story.
All this is really making me look at myself and my choices.
And even though we’re all struggling, I’m really loving the forum – it’s so relieving to see other people like me and to be here to support each other.