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Yes, last night I got home from going out to dinner with friends at 10:30pm. I had a lovely meal, was satisfied and full.
But I CHOSE to not end it there and didn’t want to go to bed ‘deprived”, so I had ice cream and some candy before bed.
The effects are, I woke this morming with a terrible headache and I didn’t sleep well.
I need to realize those foods are available at all times of the day, but that my brain will try and fulfill that habit of getting over-full before bed.
I recall Gillian once talking about “times” and “plans” in her book. I need to look more into this and instigate it.
I’ve shied away from plans for a bit, feeling like it’s more of a diet, but I do need some framework. My body is begging for it!
I did just buy the book “medical medium” by anthony william because I’m realizing I’m getting more motivated by health and wellness than weight and want to feel good and have less health problems! I’ll keep you posted. 🙂