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Victoria that sounds great for you! Progress for me is very slow, I am finding that I must focus on the small positive steps : I am not eating the minute I get up, but struggling with the afternoon evening sessions ..
I have just left slimming world after losing and putting on (again, same old cycle), so getting all these old habits and a little more kindness to myself is really difficult. I’m trying to remember Gillian saying it won’t all happen straight away, and I think grasping the concepts may take time ..I am the all or nothing girl after all ! I need to be more patient with myself.
I am also with you ciara – I go into a shop and think oh yes I’m free to eat it so I’ll buy it and just have some – and then end up eating most of it and hating myself for it … having just watched the latest video what stood out was the suggestion of remembering AFTER I’ve binged that it was my choice to do it, and how it’s made me feel…